Water Management Services

Water, our life source, is the common denominator used for cleaning as well as production of products.  At NrG we approach water management with sustainability as the goal with a holistic, site-wide implementation of efficiency measures. We believe that substantial improvements to water management can reduce day to day costs as well as benefit the environment.

Sustainable water management must reach the Plant, the Process and the People on a site. With engagement on all three of those levels we can offer expert consulting and solutions in specific areas of site water usage.

Water Hygiene

A core aspect of water management in the Commercial and Industrial space is in the realm of hygiene.  Achieving site wide water hygiene standards is an enabler of effective water savings projects.  We provide consulting in both managing cleaning processes as well as avoiding contaminating water.

Efficiently implemented cleaning regimes, both Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Cleaning out of Place (COP), can result in more sustainable water usage, and better hygiene in the plant.

Treating incoming water for contaminants and microbes is another key area of water management, especially in consumer goods production such as the food and beverage industry.

Recycling and Waste Management

On the output side of processes comes waste and effluent stream management.  Managing waste can be a tedious process that becomes increasingly costly if environmental regulations are not met.  NrG can provide expertise towards optimizing systems for handling and/or treating waste that can be both cost effective and sustainable.

These technical solutions can reduce the volume and cost of effluent water discharge, and/or purification processes to enable water reuse and minimise water discharge.

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