Asset Management

Operation and Maintenance (O&M):

Solar power plants could lose up to 30% of their production capability due to general accumulated dust, dirt and debris. Further availability losses can occur due to malfunctioning equipment and numerous other causes. NrG’s Operations and Maintenance Service Level Agreement will add value by ensuring production and availability and thereby the increased savings gained being significantly more than the cost charged for the services rendered. NrG’s best practices also ensure the life of the plant is not at risk of being diminished due to a lack of maintenance. Safety is also a key priority. NrG’s regular inspections ensure a safe environment to reduce the risk of staff injuries and fatalities. The O & M services allow the client to maximise the benefits and profitability of the solar power plant.


NrG provides customised solutions for solar PV plant operations and maintenance.



Minimize Downtime. Reduce Equipment Failures. Maximise Asset’s Value.

  • Module cleaning.
  • Fault detection and analysis.
  • End-to-end power plant maintenance. (DC and AC)
  • Safety focus. (pending ISO 45001 accreditation)
  • Spare parts, inventory, and supply chain management.
  • Maintenance scheduling with host customer / owner / utility.
  • Development of plant-specific procedures.

Inspections, Monitoring, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant:

  • Meteorological station care and cleaning.
  • In depth monitoring and visualisation.
  • Technical insight.

Understanding Plant Performance to Maximize Profitability:

  • Daily, monthly, annual yield and plant performance monitoring.
  • Data and trend analysis / reporting.
  • Key performance metric assessment and triggers for action.

Independent Reporting, Archiving:

  • Producing independent O&M reporting for due diligence processes.
  • Revenue and meter verification.


  • PV Plant Site, grounds, rooftop, and other related facility management.

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