Project Overview

    The head office of the paper manufacturer was spending a considerable amount more money more on utility charges compared to previous years, due to sharp increases in prices from the provider. NRG Renew Africa was tasked with developing an action plan to reduce the energy footprint of the site. The project started with the installation of permanent energy metering equipment to determine when and where electricity was used. Efficiency improvement projects included, energy efficient lighting with occupancy sensors, installation of variable speed drives on the elevators and replacement of the old chiller system. The energy metering system is also capable of controlling the peak demand of the building. Specialised controls installed on geysers, fans and chillers are able to throttle energy usage when the “smart metering system” can through historic algorithms determine that the specified peak load will be reached in the next 5 minutes.


    Project Sappi Head Office
    Project Type Energy Efficiency – Energy Management System and Lighting
    Location Johannesburg
    Completion  2011-12
    Category Commercial

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