St Mary’s School Waverley

    Project Overview

    An energy audit was carried out at this school, with the ultimate aim of providing suitable renewable energy solutions. The school is interested in being more energy conscious and conveying their initiatives to parents, children and staff alike. Advice on how to incorporate energy into the everyday curriculum and driving energy awareness at the school was given. Considerable energy savings were identified, 30% reduction in overall consumption. This reduction is targeted through a major reduction in the heating load at the school via solar water heating and the removal of under floor heating to alternate space heating methods. Another major opportunity was found through installing energy efficient lighting and behavioural changes (energy awareness). Finally, a small solar photovoltaic system was sized (50kWp) in order to serve the 7-day baseload of the facility.

    Project St Mary’s School Waverley
    Project Type Energy Audit
    Location Athol, Johannesburg
    Completion September 2015
    Category School

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