Renewable Energy Solutions

Next Renewable Generation (NrG) can offer clients an all inclusive service of financing, technical oversight, insurance and ongoing maintenance for renewable energy projects. Power Purchase Agreements and Leasing allow our clients to reap the benefits of renewable energy without having to put forward Capex for the project. A secondary benefit to this is that our team of qualified engineers manage and oversee the design, procurement and construction of the system. We can also manage Capex projects, providing project management and technical oversight to insure the suitability and financial benefit of any proposed undertaking. We utilize our expertise in all projects for optimal plant performance; maximizing yield, investment returns and total project value add.

Our Offerings

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gives our clients the option to benefit from renewable energy without having to invest any capital. Under a PPA we will purchase, install and operate an energy generating facility on your premises, the energy produced by the system will then be sold to you at an agreed upon rate (Rand per kWh). Contract lengths typically range between 10 and 20 years, with this duration governing the rate as well as the annual escalation. We aim to provide immediate savings by providing a rate lower than the municipal tariff. During the entire contract period NrG will own the system, performing all Operations and Maintenance thereby taking on all performance and technology risk.

  • No Upfront Capital
  • Zero Technology Risk
  • Pay for Performance
  • Minimal Management Burden
  • Known Escalation
  • Day One Energy Savings

To own the renewable energy plant up-front without capital expense, NrG can offer a standard leasing option for purchasing the system. As expected, the lease agreement will be put in place for a predetermined number of years and at a specified repayment rate. This is a very flexible option, and can be catered very specifically to your requirements. We will utilise our technical expertise and experience in the sector to ensure that your system is optimally designed and correctly installed at your site. We will manage the project from start to finish, and for the duration of the lease provide ongoing maintenance and asset management. The lease rate is also fully inclusive of the the insurance, operations and maintenance costs.

  • No Upfront Capital
  • Ongoing Professional Maintenance
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed Repayment
  • Fixed Escalation
  • Flexible Contract Structure

A more complex method for financing a renewable energy project is by utilising an Section 12J fund. In this structure you would invest into a fund that would in turn invest into the project. A tax rebate is received for the initial investment, whereafter the project would be structured similarly to a PPA; energy would be sold to you (at a competitive discount to your existing municipal tariff). The fund has shares in multiple companies and would pay out dividends dependent on the performance of the entire fund. NrG will provide technical expertise as well as project management for the installation of the system, but we can also provide a portion of the capital investment as a partner in the project.

  • Immediate Tax Rebate
  • Majority Asset Ownership
  • Dividends from a Diversified Venture Fund

As some of our clients may prefer to own the system outright, our team can manage and quality assure the installation of our client’s systems, ensuring their investment is sound. As our team continuously manages and assesses EPC contractors, we have a comprehensive due diligence and quality assurance process in place, and an in-depth knowledge of the solar PV market. We can structure tenders and serve as adjudicator/adviser during the selection process as well as providing project management and quality control during the design and construction phase to ensure a quality installation and longevity of the system. To assist with the financing and development of energy efficiency and generation projects in South Africa, a number of options are available to end-users. These include grants from government departments such as the Department of Trade and Industry, as well as tax credits from the Revenue Service. There are also private project funding mechanisms. In fact, a number of South African banks have facilities from international funders to provide debt financing specifically for “Green Projects”.

  • Project Management
  • Reputable Contractors and Installers
  • Leverage Technical Expertise and Insight

Benefits of a Financed Solution

By addressing the real-world financing concerns of a project, our approach can help make a renewable proposal a renewable solution. Here’s how:

Flexible Financing

NrG can fund part or all of the installation to lower upfront cost.

Energy Hedge

Lock down electricity rates for the long-term and avoid price volatility in the future.

Professional Oversight

Our team will ensure that the most optimal system is installed.


Help make your community more environmentally friendly.

Do you want to reduce your energy expenses without upfront costs?

NrG’s Zero Capex Solutions allow our clients to pursue their renewable energy projects without risk, and we take care of the price tag.