Welcome to the renewable energy future!
Next Renewable Generation is poised to make the renewable energy future a reality.

The solutions we’re putting in place are showing how “renewable energy” now means reliable, affordable and accessible, in addition to sustainable. Our ability to design, develop and even finance a renewable solution, explains how what we envision becomes what we deliver. As we focus on Power Purchase Agreements, we’re ready to build on our success in South Africa with our range of services, which includes:




ENERGY FOOTPRINTS (Audits & Advisory)

Our Services

With our uniquely skilled team, NRG can support a renewable energy strategy that combines various technologies to meet customers’ needs. Our technology-neutral mind-set allows for a flexible, adaptable system. These would be centered around distributed generation assets, microgrids, and thermal energy systems using various proven renewable and/or hybrid systems. As an Independent Power Producer (IPP), NrG can offer clients a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as part of the overall solution.

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