Professional Consulting Services for SSEG Projects:

NRG can provide Pr. Eng Electrical consulting services for Solar PV SSEG projects, this might be in the role of an Owner’s Engineer, Lender’s Technical Advisor and or Independent Engineer for the Owner, SPV, and or other project entity to complement a project team where such technical skills or competencies are required.

The scope of services that NRG can provide in this undertaking are varied and diverse and will depend on the needs of your project. The project may be a new build, a project considered for acquisition, or even to assist with a rescue type project.

The scope of services NRG can provide include the following :

SSEG Services

Project Design and Engineering:

  • Concept and Feasibility studies including site demand and consumption analysis
  • Technical design review of PV facility including yield forecast, technology selection, fatal flaw analysis, AC-tie in scope
  • Project code compliance and regulatory review of the design

Project Execution:

  • Plant testing and commissioning activities
  • Plant performance and testing review
  • Review of Contractors delivery on QA/QC at stage gates and milestones
  • Site inspections for the monitoring of installation contractor’s quality of works

Project SPV and or project company:

  • Draw-down approvals for milestone payment criteria
  • Reporting and review

Project Contracting:

  • EPC and O&M Contract support and review

Regulatory and Stakeholder engagement:

  • Assistance with Utility, Municipal and Regulatory stakeholder engagement and related processes for the project.

Project References

We’re happy to provide project references for previous projects and have a discussion to define for you a scope of services for your particular project needs.