Project Overview

  • Project Type: Energy Audit
  • Location: Midrand, Johannesburg
  • Completion: September 2015
  • Category: School
New Jerusalem is a children’s home established in September 2000. Since the establishment of the home it has provided a place of safety for more than 1000 abandoned and abused orphans and vulnerable children. The home is very focused on sustainability to reduce its carbon footprint as well as environmental consciousness. The auditing team identified numerous energy savings opportunities through solar water heating, efficient lighting and an educational initiative teaching the children of the home about the importance of reducing the reliability on energy supplied by fossil fuel generation. The energy savings opportunities identified will help the home save 108 tonnes of CO­2 in the first year of implementation. The home is also in the process of procuring a solar and battery back-up power system through benefactors. The system will supply additional energy as well as back-up power to the home, reducing its reliance on the grid.