Project Overview

  • Project Type: 20 YEAR PPA
  • Location: Pretoria
  • Completion: October 2017
  • Category: Education
2017: PPA Signed with University of Pretoria.

Next Renewable Generation (NrG) has secured a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the University of Pretoria.

The PPA project comprises two installations on two buildings of the Hatfield Main Campus :

– A 125 kWp / 100 kWac nameplate capacity PV system installed on top of the Merensky Library.

– A 161 kWp / 125 kWac nameplate capacity PV system installed on top of the Technical Services building.

Both PV systems are grid-tied installations with no generator interaction.

Technology used comprises tier-1 glass/glass frameless polycrystalline PV modules which are fixed-tilt inclined, and per client’s special request have a custom sized PV mounting structure, raising the modules off of the concrete roof to allow for future waterproofing activities to be undertaken on the concrete roofs of the buildings without needing to interrupt the production of the plant or temporarily dismantle and relocate any equipment on the roof.

These two Small Scale Embedded Generator projects inject power into the building’s LV distribution network behind the utility meter.

The two plants combined are expected to produce a total of 474 MWh of energy in a year and the green energy produced will reduce the University’s Carbon footprint by about 498 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The University of Pretoria is to be commended for its commitment to sustainability and to keeping the costs of tertiary education as low as possible. With zero upfront capital outlay required from the University for such PPA projects, the University is able to realise cost savings right from day one of operation. Additional savings expected will be the reduced peak demand charges from Tshwane.

The project was awarded in the beginning of June 2017, construction commenced beginning of August 2017, and went online at the end of October 2017.

See the video above for more detailed discussion on the project.