We’re proud to share that Next Renewable Generation is on a mission to make a difference by providing our expertise and services to the Noupoort Renewable Energy Trust.

Bringing Expertise: Our team is hard at work, utilising our skills and knowledge to support the initiatives and projects of the Noupoort Renewable Energy Trust.

Community Impact: We’re committed to helping the local community grow and thrive through our contributions and efforts.

Harvesting the Power of Wind: At the core of our mission lies a firm belief in the transformative potential of renewable energy, and nothing encapsulates this better than our collaboration with the Noupoort Wind Farm. Wind energy serves as a bastion of sustainability, providing clean and renewable power to communities whilst minimising environmental impact.

A Shared Vision: As the Noupoort Renewable Energy Community Trust and Next Renewable Generation are both invested, we stand together as a testament to the positive impact that strategic investments in renewable energy can have on both the environment and the communities we serve.