Project Overview

  • Project Type: Prototype
  • Location: North Riding
  • Completion: March 2017
  • Category: Retail/Commercial
Next Renewable Generation (NrG) has implemented a rooftop PV system for Massbuild.

A 126 kWp / 100 kWac capacity PV system has been installed on the Builders Warehouse North Riding retail store. The PV system is a grid-tied installation. The technology used comprises tier-1 polycrystalline PV modules which are flush-mounted in a dispersed layout due to considerations for loading of rooftop structures.

This non-exporting grid-limited system injects its power behind the store’s utility energy meter and energy produced is used for own consumption.

The plant is expected to produce a total of 205 MWh of energy per year and the energy produced will reduce the store’s carbon footprint by about 211 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

During its first two months of operation, the plant was able to supply 53.5% of the store’s daytime energy requirement.

Construction commenced in mid-January 2017 and the project was completed by the beginning of March 2017.