Many of Africa’s citizens live in rural communities, located far away from the electricity grid. As a result, they frequently lack access to a regular power source. One means of addressing this issue is through the use of microgrid energy systems. Microgrids, when combined with batteries, can provide a cheap and reliable source of power. Considering that grid expansion is often not feasible for such areas, microgrids offer a cost-effective energy solution. Indeed, microgrids have already achieved a measure of success on the continent, through systems such as the Solar Turtle in South Africa, and the Rafiki Power System in Tanzania.

However, enterprises and startups in the microgrid space still face challenges. Many of these ventures are small in size, and struggle to find sufficient capital to finance their operations. Investors are often more interested in bigger projects or initiatives within the solar energy space. Yet, the fall in solar prices is likely to fuel the number of opportunities in the future, and makes the industry one to watch in the future.